Damn you bread… damn you!

Hi my name is Mandy, and I have an addiction.

Yes I am addicted to bread… I can’t help myself around it, I try to refrain but it calls to me, when it’s in the house.  😦

Sitting on the counter, it’s crusty outside, garnished with nuts and seeds, or toasty brown flour.  Inside the bag, the counter whore flaunts it’s soft, chewy yummy innards.  On top of that… beside it sits my other nemesis, real butter…

Together, I can do nothing to ignore the fact that it’s there… I tell myself that I shouldn’t have bought it but I did… and I tell myself every single time I’m in the grocery store, NO BREAD.  Still the loaf finds it’s way into the basket, into my home, and onto my counter…

If I could eat a sandwich (or two slices of bread), that would be alright.  Even a clubhouse, (where I splurge on three slices of bread) would be okay.  I’d allow myself to pull that twice a day even… (Six slices of bread for those keeping track) but that’s not my issue.  I bought a loaf of bread this morning, no this afternoon, my brother dropped me off around 1pm.   it’s currently 4:48pm and I’ve easily consumed more than half that loaf of bread. *(Number of slices of bread is unknown as the slice your own type of bread can vary from bread user to bread user)

Hi I’m Mandy and I’m a bread addict…

Hang on for a second… I’m trying to rationalize this… Bread is the only thing that I can hold in my hand and hobble back to the living room with.  *(I’m on crutches, that story will come soon enough). I’m 100% positive that I won’t make it back to the living room with a bowl of soup, although I did over the holidays manage to balance 3 brownies between my boobs and my chin and walk the length of my parents house… Okay so I wouldn’t make it back with a full bowl of soup…

Maybe it’s not all breads… I seem to eat more of the fancy breads, like the homemade ones or anything that isn’t white Wonderbread.  *(I should just buy that stuff instead. Hehehe. )  Then I wouldn’t annihilate the entire thing… well maybe I would, at least this way I get fibre stuffs.  What if I got rid of the butter?  The roommate wouldn’t allow that I don’t think… Butter always appears in everything around here.  Well not everything, if I found it in my shower I’d be concerned, just a little…

Anyways I highly doubt that there’s a BEAN support group. *(Bread Eaters ANonymous) HA!  So for now, I’ll support myself.  Best I can do it not buy more bread… once I eat all of this one.  Besides, I figure as long as I’m not cutting and eating it in the living room, there’s hope for me yet 🙂  *(I still get some exercise getting to and from the kitchen… hahaha)

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