Mandy’s Blog…???

What the…?

I’ve put way too much thought into having a blog, to only call it Mandy’s Blog…

Dammit, oh well what can you do?

I looked into it but apparently that’s what it has to be called, there’s no redo bar… If there is, let me know, I would love to change it…

Why a blog? Cause I talk too much online to not have one.

I’m also housebound at the moment, having wiped out on ice up in Timmins and wrecked my knee… That’s a story in itself, not a very cool one mind you… 😦 So I figured having a chunk of internet space to fill up with my random thoughts might keep me busy for a little… 🙂 I like being busy, and being handicapped, or mandycapped at the moment is making me bananas.

Well more bananas/crazy than I am already…

What's on your mind?

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