Oooh!!! Prettying up Le Blog.

I’m going to post insane amounts of things on here I think… It seems like a good place to dump thoughts. Haha,  thought pooping.  I also just found out that I can make things prettier! And add pics and stuff… Yay me…

I’m not sure how much prettying up I’m going to do… honestly that one word is prob what you’re going to get… HA!  Maybe not… depends on how bored I am I guess.

I’ll work on the blog itself, not the entries… The entries are mostly my run-on brain farts that I have to write somewhere…

I prefer talking or writing though, however I look kinda nuts talking to myself, and well since I have only free incoming minutes on the cell phone, so I either have to wait for people to call me or wait for the bestfriend / roommate to come home.

*(Yeah, holy fack, someone can actually live with me… I think I may drive her to drink a little though, but she’s stuck in a year lease with me so I don’t blame her…)

Well since writing is the option I have during the day, this is what I ended up with … A blog.  A blog that can be prettied up.  Ooh a blog called Mandy’s Blog.  That’s pretty shnazz…  Or not…

More to come…

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