Zombiewalking: When sleep gets mobile.

Having lived with people before, either friends or boyfriends, I’ve been told about my sleeping habits.  I don’t move once I’m out, however I do snore, I know that.  I grind my teeth as well, it’s pretty terrible I hear but it doesn’t keep me up. Hehe.  Something new however, seems to be sleepwalking.  So far there have been two incidents, where I remember nothing, yet have interacted with people around me, in hilarious ways.  *(Maybe not so hilarious to them at the time.)

#1 – 3am Dec 3rd 2010

I get a text from Tash, my roommate, while she’s at work.

“Do u remember destroying my room and walking on my bed to get to the bathroom at 3am…”

I don’t.  I don’t even remember being up at 3am.  I got home from a party with friends around 1am.  I remember me bitching that it was the first time that I come home to the new apartment, my drunkenness was severely affecting my ability to unlock the door.  I think it took me about 15 minutes for each lock, so I was probably actually in bed and snoring in the realm of unconsciousness by 130am.

3am, The Witching Hour…

I get up from my bed, still sleeping, I don’t remember this at all.

I reef open / fall through Tasha’s bedroom door at 3am, after crashing through the den, tripping on stairs, awakening Tasha from a dead sleep.  (Our house has little steps up and down to get in and out of rooms.)  I didn’t know this in my sleepwalking and probably wiped out on both of them, hence the crashing she heard.

I then head towards the window,  proceeding to destroy, Godzilla-style, Tasha’s foldable walls, I knock them down and step all over them.  My feet are safe as somewhere between my room and hers, I have put on my beach sandals.  I stomp over to the bed, kicking over Tasha’s clothing piles. (We had just moved in) I then step on her bed attempting to stomp on her face *which is on the pillow* while declaring I HAVE TO PEE.  Tash avoids my stomping while I walk all over the bed and Tasha’s pillows.

Tasha says “GET THE FUCK OUT”.  Obviously not impressed by my room invasion.  I turn in an immediate 180, bitching about something and start to leave, but not before re-stomping on everything that I had previously destroyed on my way to the bed.

I leave the room and I guess I head back to the room.  I don’t hear anything til the text the next day, as Tash had left for work.

That’s twice now, two sleepwalking incidents in the past, well 2-3 months.  The second time was in Timmins… I’ll explain that one later, that one gets even weirder.

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