The Mockingbird In The DiscoBall

Distraction.  Ah, that would be something that I am looking for right now, due to my inability to go anywhere.  My crutches and messed up knee are still keeping me housebound.  I would love constant company or something to do, well something that a person stuck in the house, on one leg, can do.

However, even in my quest for distraction, there’s the opposite end of that spectrum as well.  In my normal, hyperactive, Mandyworld, I find that I’m negatively distracted by things on a daily basis.  Hence the “Mockingbird in the discoball” comment.

Ah, here’s a perfect example of negative distraction: chatting online.  I spend way too much time talking to people online, I could be using that time to write something useful.  It’s a distraction, but not necessarily a productive one, unless I’m making contacts for work… I could be better spending my time I think.  Maybe blogging? Ha, okay maybe blogging isn’t really useful to begin with, but it’s something semi-productive.  (In my brain anyways.)

My most productive or thought-productive moments are when I’m not being “distracted” by anything.  That isn’t very often however.  I seem to always be thinking of something elseor failing to maintain a logical thought process.  This may get annoying to people that are attempting to follow me in conversation.  *(Apologies to those reading this as well, as I think my “Mockingbirdness” is very apparent in the way I write.

I’m not sure what this entry is about…

Do I want distraction, or do I want to be able to not be distracted?

Maybe a little bit of both?

I think I lost my train of thought as I wrote this, but all in all, I’m not surprised…


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