The meaning of a word: Crusty.

A friend posted on FB that he was feeling lethargic and crusty.  My brain doesn’t just allow me to just read and move on… I had to comment as I started thinking of how words can mean so many different things, especially slang words.  Here’s me delving into way too much over-thought.

Feeling lethargic and crusty, that’s not all that bad.  Your day will probably suck.  You won’t have much productivity or hugely happy moments.  You’re slow and beat up a little, but you can continue on your day with no larger issues to the said being “crusty”.

Now if I had a loaf of warm, crusty bread… this becomes a good crusty thing. *(Okay so in my case a whole loaf of bread isn’t a good thing, but for sake of this post, we’ll consider it a “good thing” and not a fall-off-the-wagon moment in my addiction to breadstuffs.)  Back to the issue at hand, the crustiness in this case is valued to most people… as a good thing.

On the opposite end of the scale, as there are good and bad things that can be crusty… When YOU yourself become “crusty”,  the word then falls into the Terrible to Horrible area, based again on where the crustiness is found.

Here are examples of how area can affect BADNESS!

What if you woke up with crusty skin spots…

Gross, I don’t wanna know what that is… that’s probably pretty terrible to whoever wakes up and sees that their skin is scaley, Terrible yes, but you can probably deal with it.

What if you woke up with a crusty Eyeball…

EW EW EW… Even worse than the crusty skin, I don’t wanna deal with that at all…

What if you woke up crusty below the belt???

HOLY FACK!  That’s where all is forgotten and everything turns to HORRIBLE.

So yeah… words. All that to explain something that we all learned in elementary school. Some words mean other things. Well maybe I explained with a little more (maybe too much) description this time.

Just another view into what goes on in my head… I never said it was pretty.  😀

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