Saying so much, without having said a word.

It’s 9:48am in the morning.  I’m sure my voice would still crack if I said anything.  Yet thanks to technology, I’ve spoken to more than 5 people without having even said a word to anyone.

I wake up early, all the time, first thing I do normally, is roll over and check the phone.  There are always texts from last night, that I missed due to my oversleeping habits.  I answer them, never anticipating a response.  I highly doubt my friends are up at 6-7am anyways.  If they are, they probably haven’t slept yet…

Out to the living room, boot up the Mac and check the numerous venues of contact to the outside world that I have, thanks to the internet…

Facebook, boot up, log in, check messages and notifications.  Reply, respond, and scroll to see what people were up to last night.  Turn on Chat function on FB.  (No one’s really on this morning, it is only 730am on a Saturday, so I hold no expectations).

Next onto emails.  I have a few email accounts, like most people.  I check the 2 personal ones, respond.  I check the work one, no need there, but it reminds me that I have work to do… Open the ToDo list on the computer desk top.

*(Texts are also coming in at the moment, + 3 conversations on the go on the cell, planning the day, catching up on the holidays and the like.)

Facebook flashes notification that someone wants to chat. 😀  Head there, talk to Liz, move on back to emails, flipping back and forth, maintaining conversation.

Check other online places where people have messaged me… The many websites that I have memberships with and are other places where I talk to people… *(I start to realize now that I talk to a hell of a lot of people)

Back to FB, surf for a bit, chat with Liz, answer incoming messages and start working the ToDo for work list…

As I finish some stuff on the ToDo list, I text Ray, start a conversation there.  Email Ray regarding something.  Facebook Ray something work related.  End conversation with Ray, I head back to conversation on FB with Liz.  End that, close FB Chat.

…And so it continues…

It’s 10:00am now, and I’m about to publish this rant, which in essence again, is entirely non-spoken.  I find it just a little weird that in 3 hours, I have done so much,  forwarded on so many messages and “spoken” to so many people, yet I haven’t SAID a word.

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