What I wanna be when I grow up…

It’s funny for me to say that, considering I’m well past the age that most people decide what they want to do for a career.  Apparently we’re also supposed to change careers a few times on our way to retirement.  (That’s good, cause I get bored really quickly, so change happens a lot in my world.)

The first time that we’re asked what we’re gonna be when we grow up, we’re children, elementary school age maybe.  When teachers make us write paragraphs about what we’re going to do when we’re out of school.  There were a lot of firefighters, doctors and nurses, some astronauts and explorers, a few ballerinas, a king and a president of the americas, or possibly the world.  I wanted to be a scientist, or more specifically, a marine biologist.  *(My mom used to say that my real parents, with me being adopted, were a mermaid and a fish… I think that helped fuel the fantasy.)

The dream changed a little, sometime in elementary school, but only slightly.  I ended up starting to write, and figured that being an author would be a part-time career, as writers don’t really make a lot of money, but are somewhat famous.  I figured I’d marine biologist-it by day and write by night.

Through high school, I don’t think I shied much from the writing dream.  (I did ditch the marine biologist dream, probably when I realized that there was a lot of math involved and well, math wasn’t my forte.)

When I dropped out of school at 16, the dream was buried,  I had better things to focus on, like… work and paying bills.  Hotel room cleaner, customer service, Tim Hortons server, none are careers, but they did pay the bills.  I was even a retail manager for a LONG time, like 10 years, but I realized somewhere along the way that I still didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life.

I’ve thought of returning to school, going for the normal career and whatnot… But really, when am I really all that normal?  I’m managing artists and bands right now, that keeps me busy, well busy enough…  I have other dreams. 😉

Ask me now “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you get a gypsy, to fulfill the travel needs that I have, and I want to be famous, have my own tv show or something of the like…  It’s funny that these are the dreams I should’ve had and forgotten back in of elementary school, but here they are now, at 33.

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