The witching hour… on repeat.

For someone who would sleep through the whole night, just waking up early in the morning, refreshed and good to go.   This tossing and turning and waking up during the wee morning hours, is making me lose my mind.  *(There’s not much that’s helping me keep my little sanity…)  I wake up every night, or should I say every early, EARLY morning…   Like between 3am and 5am, every single FREAKING morning.  I get up, I drink water or something, and trudge back to bed.  I’m not sure why it’s happening though…

Hypotheses to Mandy’s Insomnia:

First I thought I was waking up thirsty, as the first few times it happened, I had a few drinks the night before and woke up with the dries…  It wasn’t that, as the glass of water beside the bed is rarely used.  Then I thought that maybe I just had to pee, but it’s not that either… (Although I do get up at night anyways, I’m up already, and I can sleep in a little more in the am, which to anyone else’s standards, is not sleeping in at all.)

I also entertained the idea that it’s the witching hour.  3am is when most ghosts and spirits are the most active.  I really don’t think it’s that… (I honestly hope it’s not.)

Next thought I had…  That it’s the new bed I just bought.  I have a 90 day warranty,  so I’m calling the mattress place today to switch it up.  *(It’s not the one that I had originally ordered, so trying to change it up might be an idea.)

If that isn’t the problem, then I guess I have to say that I’m having sleep issues.  One last ditch effort, or reasoning to my bad sleep patterns is that maybe it’s just my body trying to reshift to the nightlife I once had.  *(Once this knee’s healed, I’m on a mission to make up for the month I lost.  It won’t matter then, as sleep will be one of my minor worries. Hehehe!)

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