A cupcake without icing is just a muffin…

I’m sitting here, watching the minutes tick by, as I wait for the timer to go off on my cupcakes.  I’ve spent the last 3 days researching Red Velvet cake recipes online, trying to see what the differences are between soooo many recipes for ultimatly the same outcome.  It’s trial and error I guess, I just picked a random one so we’ll see how that goes.  I opted to make cupcakes, as then I can half the recipe and give them away easier! *(I also had to change the recipe a little, realizing part way through that I had no regular vinegar, so I used rice wine vinegar…)  Being lazy, I didn’t want to set up the stand mixer, so I thought I’d hand mix it. *(What the hell was I thinking?)  After messing around with a whisk, spatula and spoon, and way too much hard work, it was finally done. (I ended up wearing a lot of the batter, as did the cupboards and counter.  Note to self, you cannot bash a whisk on the side of a bowl while it contains gobs of batter.).  The batter turned out super thick… I was a little concerned but that’s the thing with baking, you never know how you’re doing til the end…

Today’s experiment sits in the oven,  the alarm has already sounded once.  They looked awesome, all puffed out and whatnot, but they aren’t even close to being done.  I should give them another 5 minutes or so, that’s what I’m waiting for now…

*Time ticks by*

And done… Well, they look good.  I just pulled them out the oven.  Burnt myself too, but I’m dumb that way.  Me, assuming that one layer of teatowel is enough to protect me from scalding metal… HA!  So minor burns aside, they aren’t as red as I thought they’d be… *(Again another sub in the recipe, I had no liquid food coloring, but we have paste food color here.  Interwebz says that 1.5oz of liquid is equal to 1/2 tsp. of paste… Not true.)

So they’re cooling.  🙂 I can’t really call them Red Velvet cupcakes yet since I haven’t made icing.  For now, sans icing, they are Red Velvet Muffins.

Photos to come…

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