One step closer to robot legs…

I had my first meeting with my physiotherapist this morning at 9am.

I’m still waiting on a date for the MRI, so we’re still kinda unsure of what’s up with the knee.  She put me through all the motions and testing, then gave me some minor exercises.  The assessment as lead her to believe that I will be needing surgery 😦  She figures that there’s no ligament left at all on the inside, she’s able to feel there’s no point of stopping on the joint.  She also said that there’s no pain, which is another indication of it being ripped all the way through.  *(Dammit, I honestly thought that I was getting better.)  She said that I shouldn’t be walking around without crutches… :*( I HATE THOSE THINGS.  I wonder if I just walk around without a limp, if that’s okay?  Probably not.  She said that if it is the MCL, it would just be day surgery.  *(Just surgery… it’s never just surgery.)   It’s not the surgery that I hear sucks… I hear it’s the healing afterwards that takes forever.

Maybe I can get them to implant robotics or something that would be cooler than just fixing a broken ligament…?

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