MRI??? No! Well, maybe later.

It’s been a few days since I last updated people on my knee-status.  It’s messed-up.  My physiotherapist confirmed that with her leg moving exercises *(But only to 70% confirmation…?). She states that “the ligament is lax to the point of non-existance”…  Well that’s amazing.  This at least explains the no pain deal, which if I may add, I’m totally fine with.

What I’m not fine with is that now that that swelling or liquid in the joint is leaving, thanks to physio exercises, I am starting to feel the knee act… well not-so-right… 😦  As I walk around now, I can feel it slipping…  I’m starting to believe her 70% guess is much closer to 100% now.  We’ll know when I get the MRI.

Ah, the MRI.  I’ve done some research into this, and well, I honestly believe that I’ll get robot legs first.  The provincial wait time is 127 days.  That’s 6 months of a wait, til we know what’s up inside.  *(Then there’s a wait for surgery, if needed, but that’s a whole other ball game)  The MRI, if I wait the said 6 months or so, is free.  HOWEVER, I can get that done quicker, if I have 700$ to pay for one… I could have it tomorrow.  (Nice health care system.)

Apparently I’m not considered an emergency patient at the moment.  BUT if I were to pop out the knee again, cause there’s nothing holding it in on the inside, I risk ruining the other ligaments, that we think are okay.  I think that qualifies a little as emergency.

It’s depressing, just a little.  I’ve tried to come up with solutions, that don’t involve me paying the equivalent to my rent to get it done.  They aren’t really solutions though.  Quebec’s wait times are much less, maybe I can get someone to Tonya Harding (aka bash with a piece of pipe) my knee on the other side of the river? *(See… not really a valid solution…) HA!

So, for now I wait…  Apparently, I may wait for a year, due to provincial wait time standards…  Unless anyone of you know someone with a home MRI machine…  Or someone that makes robot legs.

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