…and then I became a personality…

So I’ve always had delusions of grandeur.  I’ve always seen myself as famous in the long run.  Although never sure how I was going to get there, I always held onto that dream, that one day, MandyD or “M”, would become a household name.

For the longest time, that was my dream.  I had the support of friends, which was good, however, you always support your friends… Even if they are crazy.  So yeah, honestly I wasn’t sure if my friends actually thought I could do something with my life, or if they were just playing into my delusions, cause that’s what friends do.

Well today, I had that answered.  I know now that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be.  I am meant for something.  I have a title for myself, I can’t explain it yet, but I am going to be a catalyst to something amazing. 😉  This all stems from a business meeting I had today…

Noon today, I meet a friend for lunch.  He’s in business and I just want to dump ideas on someone, I’m not sure how he can help me, I don’t know what I’m looking for, I just know that I need someone to listen.  So he does.  I end up Mandyranting and spill my guts about SexFairy.  It’s my gameplan to open a store, then maybe a few more, get my own show and that’s what it is.  However, part way through my “I’m going to order this and do this…” He stops me, and tells me what I’ve been waiting to hear my whole life.  “You have an asset that no one else has, the product is really nothing, for “You” are the brand.”  OMG I don’t have delusions of grandeur!!! Well maybe a few… Hehe, however, someone else saw me as I do, a personality.  😀

I want to change societal views… Hmmm, that’s a pretty tall order for one person, but if I can set forth a new idea, or just something that makes you think… I just want to sway that one person… No that’s not true, ultimatly I want to be a household name.  When you think sex or masturbation, for some weird reason, my name pops up in your head.

HA! Amazing.

So here I am, I have started a Facebook page, I have a blog, I’m going to be making YouTube contributions of MandyRants and SexFairy infoblogs on MandyBrand channel.

It’s all going to be awesome, and fun, and just to get people talking.  I like to be remembered and I think that I do have some good ideas, it just takes me a bit to get to them, cause I’m kinda hyper and distractible.

So that’s that… That’s where I’m at now.

I’ll post links to everything as I get going…

Please follow me, I can’t say where I’m headed, cause if I knew, well that wouldn’t be any fun…

xxx 😉

One comment

  1. David Greer

    Hi! SurlyMonk from Fet. I look forward to following you! I get to live vicariously thru you!!!!! I can’t imagine anything being more interesting.

    Just be careful and safe…..

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