I’ve decided to start learning, or getting out in the world as my little apartment in the market is not where I plan to stay after the year.  I’m going to start learning about the world, so when I get there, which will be soon, I’m prepared.  More reading and learning is on the docket for me as I wait for the MRI and the knee surgery, which I do believe I need.

Yesterday, I came across a great website that has TONS of documentaries on it.  So I’ve started my Doc-A-Day challenge.  I watch a lot of online stuff anyway, but it’s usually just shlock, comedy stuff, or something to distract.  Not anymore. 😉

Yesterday I watched “Food Inc.”  I liked it a lot, it made me rethink about food.  I’m not going vegetarian by any means, but I think I’ll spend more to shop locally and stay away from the corporately created foods.  (Yeah that isn’t easy, but even if I change a little, it helps somewhere.)

Today I’m watching “The Marketing Of Madness: Are We All Insane?”

Having been told my whole life that I was bi-polar/depressed or borderline personality disorder *(Yeah, all three, not at once, I changed here and there… But honestly, isn’t that just going through life???)  Having been “diagnosed” and told that I should be on medication for my “chemical imbalance” I find this one is very interesting to me.

Psychiatry is not a science, there’s no proof to what is in the DSM books.  That is all written so that they have a reason to medicate.  Check it out.


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  1. Diane

    Hey MAndy I like that ur going to blog about all kinda stuff..I know you’ve been blogging for awhile now. I just wanted to say that I seen food INC. and since then I do not eat any meats from the USA., or walmart or any grocery stores in AB ‘cos they are all mostly USA meats. I now have my own Alberta beef small family store and let me tell you that the meat tastes sooo different I wouldnt have believed it but its so true. Keep them blogs comming love you oxoxo

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