Sleep…? What?

I’m one that never sleeps in.  I’m up early way too often.  However this is becoming an issue in my life as I wake up earlier and earlier… *(From going to bed earlier and earlier I think…) This morning I was awake at 4am, which lead to me and my insomniac roommate up for an hour, chatting about our life issues, insomnia included.  Four in the morning is not a good time to stimulate your brain with the issues that bug you.

All in all, I did get back to bed, tossed and turned for a little, to finally fall asleep for another 2-3 hours. Yay me.  It’s 9am now, I’m up and have been for a little.  I don’t want to be up though.  Although now is better than being up at 4am.

I’ve never had issues sleeping before, the minute I lay down, I’m out, I usually stay that way til morning… However, something new’s been waking me up at insane hours, and I have no idea what it is.

Hooray for me.

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