Doc-A-Day: Derek Tastes Of Earwax

This one was interesting… Derek does not taste like earwax if you were to lick him.   It was about people affected with synaesthesia.  Which is where certain senses may become joined with another.  So someone who hears words sees colours or letters, or tastes something, such as the word “Derek” bringing forth the taste of earwax.  Another example was a woman who heard music and saw colours.  *(Something like that was done on the series Heroes as well, the blind girl 😀 )

Synaesthesia may affect all of us.  Apparently it may start at birth, as we have no grasp of language, so we use our other senses to understand what’s going on around us.  Oooh, synaesthesia may be linked to creativity… *(I’m writing this as I watch it.  My memory disallows me to do it any other way. 😉 Ha!)

Metaphors.  The ablility to link language or words and senses.  That is synaesthesia.  “This music crept by me…”  Music can’t creep but it creates an image in our minds.  *(I think I’m writing this to remind myself. 😀 I do reread my own blogs… a lot… Hehe!)

I like learning things and I have to say that this was something I’ve never heard of before.  So hooray to learning a new fact today.

Here’s the link if anyone else is interested.

Derek Tastes Of Earwax

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