One-track mind? Not here.

*(I’m gonna start writing just whenever I think of something, have nothing to do or want to blog… It’ll help dislodge the writer’s block I’ve been suffering for too long.  Sorry to those who can’t stand my random rantings about nothing… 😉 Well kinda sorry, why are you reading then??? Ha!)

I just went through a few of the old blogs… Lol!  Wow, I have a lot on the go. 😉 I think that’s where my delusions of grandeur *(Other people’s words, not mine) come from.  I tend to extend myself in all different directions.  However, in my defense, how are we supposed to know what we’re supposed to be for the rest of our lives?  I don’t wanna miss out on anything, so I guess I try to do everything.  It’s probably not the greatest idea, but at least I won’t miss anything.

I know I wanna travel, but I have to think of ways to get where I want to go, and that in itself is a HUGE challenge.  I get bored fast, no I get bored FAST.  Like I’m bored of this blog entry already… K I’m just kidding, but my attention span doesn’t carry me far in life, I resort on a  lot of blind luck.  😀  YAY!  Cept if I’m halfway across the continent, only speaking english and french and some basic spanish, and stuck for money, hoping for blind luck is not an option.  So how does one like me, as distracted as I am, get to where I need to be?  *(I’m surprised that I held those 2 long paragraphs… I hear sirens outside and it’s totally making me wanna go look… LOL!)

That being said, I’m kinda freaked out about what I might get myself into, travelling like I want to, just on a whim and hopefully some coin from somewhere…

I may never have a one-track mind, but can’t all those tracks lead to one greater cause???


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