Strange Sleep Patterns.

What ever happened to a full nights sleep?  I’ve struggled with that since I moved back to Ottawa.  *(Although in Thunder Bay, I was sleeping full days, not nights, due to the party scene there, but I was still sleeping…) Now, since my sleeping issues have started, there are a few factors that have changed in my nightly patterns…

1) I got my new bed.  Now that statement in itself, MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.    I’ve never really owned my own bed, since I moved out at 16.  I’ve always slept on boyfriends sleeping apparatus, or made my nest on a low-end mattress on the floor.  *(May it be an air mattress or a flattened, futon mattress, which was really just a cushioning for the floor).  Being a long-time floor-sleeper, one of the first things I purchased once I get money, was a bed.   Too bad I sleep worse now than I ever did.  I’ve changed the bed up once even thinking it’s the bed itself, but I don’t think it is.  Maybe my body’s just not used to soft…

2) I wrecked my knee.  Which I thought could be the reasoning to why I wake up at night. In December, it was just getting used to sleeping with the brace.  January was “sleep without throwing out my knee again in an insomniac toss-n-turn moment” month.  At the present time, it’s not sore anymore, still a little stiff, but shouldn’t be keeping me up or waking me up at night.  I thought that maybe it’s me getting my leg all jammed up in the sheets or something, so I ditched the sheet, but it’s not that.  Good hypothesis, but unfortunately not it.

3) Snoring & Grinding of Teeth.  Yeah I snore.  Probably* way more like a guy’s snore, than a cute girl little snore.  *(I’ve been told.)  I also grind my teeth, which again, isn’t a light grinding of the teeth which someone could easily ignore… No it’s the other grinding of teeth… ANYWAYS… I was thinking that maybe I wake myself up while I make all these noises at night.  It’s possible.  I am a light sleeper to an extent, as long as I’m not passed out from the help of alcohol, then I can sleep through anything.

4) Communicable Insomnia.  Here’s another far-stretch, but my roommate sleeps very little.  I wonder if I’m suffering sympathy insomnia cause of her.  Or maybe she’s just waking me up to see me go bananas, as it keeps her sane… Lol!

That’s about all I have…  I doubt that thinking about blogging at 5am is a good way to fix the issue of non-sleep that I’m having.  I figure if I can’t fix it, I find solutions…

Now I just have to learn how to nap…

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