Addicted to onlineness?

Is that really possible?  What’s the difference between me conversing with people online or actually going out to see people?  I guess you miss out on the physicality of everything, but really?  I think it’s close to the same.  Yeah I prefer being out with others and not confined to my house, but when I am inside, I like the fact that I can still talk to people.  Also, I can talk to people that I wouldn’t normally talk to, either they’re too far, or I’ve never met them, yet I will have long conversations with people I’ve never met face-to-face.

Yes, I do believe that there’s an issue with the whole online thing.  There are people that lose touch with reality, but for me it isn’t like that.  Online-ness just makes me crave seeing the world more and more and I find places and people that I want to see or visit.  I get that if you have more online friends than “real” friends, that’s not a good start, but who’s to say that your online friends can’t become real?  Technically they are just at the end of a plane ride, you just have to get there.

That’s my plan, to get to places that I’ve never seen before.  I want to see the world eventually, before I settle down.  Although I seriously don’t see myself “settling” anytime soon.  *(I’m not sure if my brain understands what settling is…)

So yeah, I’m addicted to online-ness, but only cause it let’s me see what I haven’t yet…

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