Sick, Twisted, BitchFace… Or so I’ve been called…

So my roommate just called me a sick-twisted, bitchface… This was due to my lack of compassion to pets or plants, or anything for that matter that would make me take care of it.  I’m only set for one mode, and that’s the mode that whatever is around me, must take care of itself… or die.

My roommate brought up a “giant sloth” which had been mentioned in a documentary that we were watching.  I always thought that the baby sloths were cuter than anything I’d seen before.  However, I do not relish the thought of taking care of something for years on end, may it be a child, a baby sloth or a boyfriend that can’t take care of himself.  Here’s where I bring up the “euthanasia” argument, about why I prefer pets over children.  *(You can’t put a kid to sleep…)  So here’s where my roommate calls me a STB. *(Sick, twisted bitchface…)

Am I that though?  I think that I’m just plain out honest.  It sucks that there are girls out there that will say, yah kill the kid, keep the cat… But we are out there.  I tend to side with people like me, as we understand what we don’t want.  *(Aka, things to take care of.)

I don’t think that I’m a STB, but I do believe that I”m honest.  I know that I can’t take care of something for 5 years, let alone the 18 years that it takes to raise a child.  I don’t think that’s being sick and twisted.  Okay it’s not normal “mothering” feelings that women are supposed to have, but I think that more people need to have the thoughts that I have.  I’m not sick and twisted…

I may be a bitchface, bit at least I’m honest 😉

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