Online Approved Stalking. Aka.

So I just signed up to Twitter.  I hadn’t before, mostly cause I thought I was good with Facebook and whatnot.  I have been missing out I think.  Twitter is like an endless FB status, where people won’t care that you change it every 5 minutes.  It’s actually wanted there. 😀 On top of that, I’ve figured out that Twitter is pretty much just approved electronic stalking or that’s what it seems like to me.

You sign up and have people “follow” you, as well as “follow” others.  You get as much as they give, information wise, but I figured why not. 🙂 Hence the approved-stalkering… (?) I however, like the idea of having a following. Hehe, it all fits into my grand scheme of things for building the whole entourage idea. Haha! YAY Fame!!!

So I have a twitter account and well the good thing is that all these interfaces link up, so if I change one, they all change… I can’t complain about that, it’s a procrastinator’s dream 😀

So for those that have twitter.. Here it is 😉!/Mandydegeit

Talk or twitter soon 😀


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