Another day, another paragraph.

So after the three weeks of self-abusing, alcohol-induced craziness and sleep lacking weeks I’ve just spent all over Ontario and the US, you’d figure that I would sleep in this morning..  Ummm, nope.  I was up at 615am.  BUT, I was up at 615am to write.

I woke up with an idea, for the story that I started a long time ago and started working on again yesterday.  I like that.  Waking up with ideas, feeling like I’m supposed to get up to do something, rather than waking up to plunk myself on the couch and wait for something to happen.  I’ve been writing since I was a kid, I don’t understand why I just stopped.  I used to blame writer’s block but anyone that knows me, knows that I have was too much imagination to not write.

Meeting a bunch of authors, gave me a kick in the ass to do something again.  I’m glad that it did, I needed that shove into where I once was.

I have a few things to work on at the moment.  A short story, horror I think?  Maybe thriller… not sure where it’s going yet.

I have a slick idea for a longer story or a novel (?)  Maybe novella. (Still not sure on whether I can write dialogue yet… you need just a little of that in novels.)  It maybe loosely based around zombies…

I’ll be rewriting a lot of my old stuff, which, at the moment, is in a folder of random unsorted papers…

…and it weighs about 50 lbs. Lol!  Definitely time to get that onto a hard drive somewhere.  I can’t wait to go through it, it’s a lot of poetry and short paragraphs of ideas.  *(Now this bag or satchel of writing goes WAY back to elementary school.  I think I started writing in maybe grade 4-5.  Some of the oldest sheets are typed on the OLD school typewriters that if you typed too fast, all the keys got jammed up at the top… Thanks to my Nana for my first typing machine!)

Oh and this blog… I want to add to it everyday, well days that I have something valid to talk about I suppose.   I figure if I can do the “write everyday” thing that so many authors at Horrorfind 13 mentioned, eventually, something good will come out of it 😀

Today makes writing day 2 😀

MandyD aka M

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