Horrorfind 13 and Writing Revelations.

So yeah, Hi I’m Mandy and I have a writing problem.

I have spent thirteen years in denial.

ARGH!!!  I miss writing.

Thirteen years telling myself, “I am not a writer, I’m everything else but not a writer.”

I’ve realized after this weekend in the States.  I may, quite possibly, be a writer.

Unfortunately for Ron Dickie, he had to put up with me for  approximately 8+ hours of ranting to why I haven’t been writing for the last 13 years.  We were in the car,  on the way home from Horrorfind 13.

I think just needed a kick in the ass from a few other writers that I had the amazing chace to meet this weekend.

(I did add a bunch to my short story, AIB, on the way back to Canada, about 2 hours worth, which is more than I’ve done in a long time.)

I started writing it way back maybe about a year ago…

I read it to Dickie, having never read my shit to anyone… He said he liked it. We will see. I’ve sent it to others.

I also read to Dickie, Mary SanGiovanni’s new book that I bought at the convention: For Emmy.

I have to say, I really, really liked it and I liked reading to an audience…

 Who was, Dickie while driving.

I may not be as animated as other readers I saw at HF 13..

Like Bob Ford during his reading for “Samson and Denial”…


Kelly Owen who read “Spilled Milk” for her reading.


Wes Southern who read his short story: “By The Throat”

(And many more… like EVERYONE in my FB Photo Album for HF 13)

 I’ll work on reading skills, once I’m published.

*(Or licking my wounds, broke and  unpublished, pregnant by  and  carrying on like a drugged-up cat in the hat that can’t rhyme shit.)

I’ll be fine… Hehehe!

So anyways, I’m back to just writing whatever comes to mind.  That’s a lot for me, for whoever knows me.

Sorry about the lack of fanciness on the blog.  I will try to learn this as I go, but really, if people know how to do this…

Why watch me suffer?  Just help me for Christ’s sakes.

You’re cruel if you let me stumble, blinded through broken glass, all while you have sandals and a flashlight for me..

Yeah it’s harsh, but I’m computer stupid. LOL!


That’s what or all, I need 😀

MandyD aka “M”

(Writing full paragraphs and not sentences may be a good start… Also, another hint… maybe write blog posts while sober.)

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