Mandy. Morning writing. Full sentences. Improbable or impossible?

It’s the third day that I get up to write.

The plan is wake up, make coffee, walk to computer, sit down, write, take a 5 minute break to make a coffee, then go back and write, until I need a new coffee.  That would be ideal, that would get things done.  This morning that was not really what happened.

The plan this morning would have looked more like this…

Wake up, blame beer on headache, walk to computer, talk incoherently to roommate, go back to computer, make coffee, talk to roommate, back to computer, pace around the kitchen, talk to roommate again about story ideas, back to computer, text Dickie (my best buddy and support for the writer that is me at the moment), retext Dickie, get cup of coffee, back to computer, check email/FB/twitter, reread writing from yesterday, talk to roommate about it (coherently this time), get another coffee and then I sit down to write.

I woke up around 7am or so, I could feel the minute throb of a headache.  No matter though cause it’s on the way out, from having visited when I drank the 6 tall cans of  cheap strong beer last night.  *(Why I buy the crappiest beer? I don’t know… I also never learn it seems.)  Anyways, headache or not, I’m getting up to write, I tell myself.  There’s a thought that I need to get out on paper.  It’s been a good three days so far, I seem to be progressing on whatever  wroking on. 🙂  As I come out into the kitchen/living room area, I grab my computer and plunk it down on the desk.  I see my roommate, Tasha, say good morning then ask her something that I don’t even understand what I said… I was, in my brain, asking her about something for the book, but what came out was along the lines of “Hey, do you. writing. something idea. Question mark?”  She responded with “Can you ask me that in a full sentence this time?”  I laughed, thinking to myself that this isn’t the greatest time to sit down and write.  So I puttered around for a little (a lot) before finally sitting down at the computer for what I had set out to do just as I crawled out of bed.

Discipline is good, but if you’re awake before your brain is then writing is probably a bad idea.

Ooh, I should wake up and blog, funny and incoherent would work WAY better for this than in my other writing.

I’ll try that tomorrow. 😀

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