WriteKnows for Right Now: The title of a story will probably change.

I changed the title of my short story today. It’s funny how I started with a specific title, maybe I came up with it early on in or something, (Sometimes a phrase is enought to lead me to write) but either was it was always there. Now that I’m done, I think the title actually caused me to struggle more than needed writing this story.

*(Okay so there’s ending and finishing a story in my brain. Ending, which means to me… Hey look there’s a full story, beginning, middle and end. The story might not make 100% sense, there are probably mistakes and grammatical errors in it… but it isn’t incomplete. Finishing, would mean then, Hey look, this story is finished, it’s awesome and now I can send it somewhere to someone to do something with :D)

The title itself was the premise to my story, the main idea. It was a good idea, except for the fact that when I finished writing it, I realized that the title wasn’t as fitting as it had been for the initial paragraph and that the story had taken a whole new turn. I guess that happens a lot, I’ve yet to find out since I’m just getting back into writing. So today I’m changing up the title (it came to me while I was ending the story… I thought that was funny.) and editing it a little to get rid of the ideas of the first title.

On a good note, I still have the first story to write now, as I’ve entirely moved away from it having found the path of this one. 😉

Also, this blog was the first thing I wrote this morning *(Other than a few texts to Dickie) and it’s quite easy to understand… I don’t think the early morning had anything to do with my incoherence, it was probably the 6 pack of cheap tallies that I drank the night before. Lol!

Good to know that when I wake up at 6-630am, which used to be for no reason but now I can throw myself into my writing at the computer and just do it.


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