Edits, Feedback, Gymspiration and Orgasms…?

I don’t have a specific subject to write about today. I have a lot to say, but not about one thing in particular.  So I’m just going to write, about stuff and things.

*I finished the first edit of the story I’m working on.  I killed an entire pen.  I have to say, I pretty much rewrote the entire story.  That’s okay though, because it’s WAY better now, well I think so.  Ooh! another bonus, from the time that I first started the story up til now… I’ve rewritten out the main premise/idea of the story.  Now, I can now rewrite my original idea into another story.  Double Score. 😀 *(That won’t be for a bit though, this one has me all “into it”.)

*Since I’m “into it”, the story that is… I’m into a lot of things. (HA! Take that one as you please. 😉  ) ANYWAYS…  I sent my story to a few friends to see what they thought, to get some feedback, and it’s so far been good.  (That makes me happy.)  I just need one other person to appreciate what I wrote and it was all worth it.  (This is even better though, cause they already like it, and they’re reading the rough first draft…  It’s only getting better.) By the time I finish it, they will love it.

*Off the writing… I’ve oddly made it to the gym everyday this week *(less one that I hung out with the roommate).  Now before, I couldn’t force myself to get off the couch to do anything.  I would just wait for something to happen, which never did, but I did catch up on my online television.  I think this all started back in December when I wiped out on ice at Xmas, destroying my knee and any hopes to get around on my own for like 2 months.  I’m not sure how writing can make me want to go to the gym, but I’m blaming it on that, as that is the only thing that changed since I came back from three weeks holidays…

*Back to writing… I’ve realized that writing is way too much like sex… but will also add to my risk of getting cancer. 😦  In the sense that I SMOKE way more now.  Finish something, Ah! Smoke time…   Finish editing… Ah! Smoke time… Hey this it AWESOME!!! Celebratory smoke time… It’s like a brain-orgasm and then the need kicks in for that “post-humpies” nicotine fix.  I’m not complaining, I’m not getting laid at the moment, so it’s a good compromise.  *(I say at the moment, that would be really hard to blog while…) Never mind that thought… LOL!

*I’m not sure what else I have to say for this morning… I was kinda slow when I woke up, so I figured I’d blog first, wake up my brain then read the story.  I didn’t want to make my story all DUH… cause I hadn’t had coffee yet. 😉

That’s all the RandoThoughtSpiel I have for today.

Have a good one, I will cause I’m going pen shopping. 😀

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