The Pretty Little Self-Sadist & Her Blog.

So I’m writing this on my iPhone while currently on an arc machine at the gym. I  feel like I “waste” a lot of writing time while I’m here so I figure I’d start multitasking.

Yah, it’s way harder trying to keep my balance on this godawful cardio machine while typing on the tiny screen of my iPhone, but I’m working on that.  I have to say that writing makes this repetitive, supposed fat burning machine just a little more tolerable. (At least till I wipe out off the machine or the sweat dripping off my face craps out my iPhone). On that note, are earphones electrified?  Dear lord, I hope not… With the amount I sweat into them, I’m sure to be guranteed free electro-shock convulsive therapy anytime soon.

(Ha! I totally just almost fell off…)

So why do I do this? Get up at insane times in the morning to strap myself to machines til I am sweat-soaked and my muscles screaming in agony?

Well number one reason I got the membership is to lose weight. I’ve got this fear in me, having once been 215 lbs that I’ll wake up looking like that girl again… but that alone wasn’t enough to get me to the gym everyday.

(Holy crap, ten minutes already went by… Hehe sweet!)

So yeah, I’ve had this membership for Goodlife since last October… (Whoa, almost ate gym floor there again…)  Okay, so yah, since October 2010, I think I’ve probably made it to the gym maybe 10 times. Yah that’s it.  (Sure you can take out a few months when I wrecked my knee but still…) The last year, I pretty much just wasted, mentally and physically.

Until a week ago, well six days. I came back to Ottawa, after three weeks of gypsying it around Ontario and the States, with newfound passion for everything in general.  Writing, the gym, my upcoming school, everything in general seemed to make sense to me.  I don’t know what changed, but I’m not complaining.

So now, six days in, I find myself blogging on a torture machine, pushing myself in ways I havent done in a long time.  I’ll keep it up too, both things, maybe not always at the same time… 😉

I’m not sure but maybe the gym and writing have some strange correlation in my brain.   Just in case they do, I’m won’t be discontinuing either one.

… Insert weight training here…

It’s kinda hard to write while lifting weights so I figure to hold any thoughts I had until I was done.  Better to focus on the steel weight I’m holding periously over my face, rather than what I want to write about when I get home.  I have jackknifed once before, and it blows.   (For those that don’t lift, that means that your wrist suddenly decides to let go, while the weight is over some part of your body).  In my case, my wrist dropped a 40 lb metal weight onto the side of face.  I survived, a little bruised, both in face and ego, but I learned my lesson; weights are weights, I’ll write during my cardio.

So I’m on a treadmill now, where I seem to be having more balance problems than  before. (Ha! I must look hammered to anyone behind me. ) As for routine, I don’t really have a set work out.  I just come here daily and torture myself until I can’t anymore or til I get an idea for something I wanna write.  It’s working for me,  no matter how tired I am when I get to the gym, after my hour of self-beating, I leave feeling refreshed and stoked for the day.  Maybe it’s the showers here, I always seem to miss out on the hot water,  a cold shower would wake anyone up..

That’s all I have for now, as I totally just almost wiped out off the end of the treadmill… Not good, must focus…  On walking… LOL!

I’ll write more soon, probably the next time I head to the gym…

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