Intrusive… Ah crap :(

So I just found out that the whole birthfather finding me thing was TOTALLY “jumping the gun”.

He just found out about me like two weeks ago, ugh, not two YEARS ago…  (As first thought, as stated by a previous blog post.)

So not only does that totally negate the time he had to think and deal about him having a daughter… Now his whole family has to deal with…

“Hey, by the way you have a sister, from another mother..” says the birthfather, to his actual kids.

They don’t have to like it… However unfortunate… Like me,the half-siblings have nothing to say…

It happened, 33 years ago.

It happened, I had no say to where or when or to whom, I was conceived…

I do appreciate the decisions that were made.  My life worked out because of the adoption and all events that followed February 14th 1978.

All I can do is hope…

I won’t approach them, if they know who I am, they will find me.

I’ve opened up Facebook to let them find me, I’ve nothing to hide…

Here’s to hoping.


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