Hi, my name is Mandy… And I write smut…

This is Erotiporn … I have warned you… I’m not smart enough to figure out how to set DO NOT READS to under 18 years olds..

So I’m sorry if this is gone in the am…

Clean House, Dirty Maid…

He fumbles with his keys in the lock, his breifcase beside him. Finally with a click, it gives way. He picks up his case and opens the door, stepping through the doorway, he closes the door behind him. The daily grind, all the noises and stresses are left on the doorstep. He loosens his tie, dropping his briefcase on the floor, keys on the table and jacket on the chair. In the kitchen, pulls a beer from the fridge, drinking deeply from the cold bottle. He pauses as he hears someone on the floor above him. He remembers, thinking to himself, today is the day the new maid starts. He decides to introduce himself, mostly he longed to shower and finish his work as to be ready for the morning. Tara, his other maid, was older and well past retirement age, yet he enjoyed her company. As he trudged up the starts he began to hear the new girl humming to herself in the master bedroom. At the top of the stairs, he stops in the doorway as his breath catches in his throat, he stands quietly and watches.

She loves her music, and loves to dance; she’ll admit that she’s not great at it, which explains the maid job. “His room is big enough for a bar” she laughs to herself as she dusts the baseboards, her Ipod pumping tunes from an armband she wore. No pockets to tuck her music player in as she wore a skin-tight, “typical” black and white maid’s outfit, in patent leather. He stared at her endless legs, as she danced around his room in high heels. “She’s actually cleaning in those shoes and that outfit.” He thought to himself almost laughing aloud. Not that he minded in the least what she wore. As she pranced around, he felt his cock stiffen. He drank deeply from his beer, never averting his eyes from the beautiful creature that pulled the sheets of his bed tight. “Good god… she bends at the waist.” he thought as he watched her supple body fold as neatly as the corners of his bedsheets. Her short outfit slid upwards, revealing her tight, gorgeous ass. He adjusts himself, his cock throbbing, as guilt began to sink in; “I’m a peeping tom.” he thought as he attempted to will away the tent in his tailor-cut dress pants.

She sees him, in the bedroom mirror, as she straightens the sheets on his king-sized bed. “He’s gorgeous, and obviously likes what he sees… Why ruin a man’s fantasy?” She laughs to herself. She craves attention. She stands up from the bed, stretching slowly. A soft moan escapes her lips but inside she laughs at how much she’s playing into his fantasy. She looks down, adjusting her Ipod selection and begins to sway provocatively to the music. She looks down pretending to notice her shoe “untied”, adjusting the buckle on her high heeled shoes. She bends quickly at the waist again, this time she turns slightly. He catches a glimpse of her ass cheek, nestled in tight white lace. He curses her silently as his hardness returns. She wiggles and straightens herself, she walks over to the dresser, eyeing him in the dresser mirror. “He hasn’t noticed that I’ve seen him yet.” She laughs and takes her performance up a notch. As she clears the dresser, she sways her ass, undulating and beckoning him from the doorway. His cock throbs watching her. She was also beatuiful, her long curls fell to her shoulders, her perky, small tits adorned with hardened nipples, pushed against the tight bodice of her outfit. Her long legs and firm ass, lengthened and elongated by the high heels she wore. God he wanted her. He steps forward, clearing his throat as he entered the room, trying not to scare her. She turns and smiles, pulling the headphones off. “Hi!” he says to her, his eyes trailing over her body. She stood as tall as him, her heels adding an easy 5″. “Hey, Mr. Parkwood, I presume?” She says with a coy smile. “Yeah,” he answers somewhat short of breath, “And you are?” he asks, almost reaching out to touch her. She sees him flinch, his attempted touch pulled back in hesitation. She steps into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She breathes hot into his ear, her tongue softly brushing his earlobe. “My name’s Anya”, she says softly, her perfume permeating his nostrils, driving his cock to throb against her crotch.

He can’t wait longer, he holds her face, as he kisses her hot open mouth. Her body grinds against him, his cock throbbing as he groans into her mouth. She pulls away from the kiss, her eyes twinkling with passion. She drops to her knees, expertly unbuckling his belt and pants as she and the pants arrived at ground level at the same time. She looks up at him, a smile plays on her lips. He touches her face as she slides his boxers past his thickness and takes him into her mouth. Watching her engulf his thick cock betwen her lips was almost too much. He held his breath as the urge to cum slowly passes. She works his shaft with a spit-slick hand, her tongue guiding him deep into the back of her throat. As he watches her, she looks up at him, her green eyes shining brilliantly with lust for the full thickness stretching her mouth, reaching deep into her thoat. ‘Soon to be spreading her…’ she thought as her wet pussy ached beneath her panties. He pulls her up and kisses her. Leading her backwards, he pushes her down onto the bed. She watches him in anticipation. He kisses her thighs, the lace of her maid outfit scratches softly against his face, the sensations entirely opposite of the softness of her thighs. He pulls her lace underwear off tossing them aside. She moans as he nears her hot, wet lips. He steadies her, she pushes up to him, softly begging him. His tongue snakes out, he licks at her, quickly bringing her to orgasm. She moans as her fingers grip his hair. “Fuck…” She hisses through clentched teeth as he sucks at her clit, a second orgasm racks her body as she tries to catch her breath. Feeling her shuddering subside, he pulls away from his musky haven and stands, pulling his shirt over his head. “Stand up.” he pleads breathlessly as he offers her his hand. She obliges as she stands between him and the bed. “Turn around” he says, his breath hoarse with need. She turns slowly, looking back over her shoulder at him. He rests his hands on her waist, his breath hot on her neck. “I saw you bent over earlier…” He pushes softly with one hand on her shoulder. She smiles, leaning forward, her hands on the bed. “Perfect height” he tells her as he runs his thick knob between her wet, pussy lips. She pushes back, his hard cock sinks easily into her. Soft as silk, her tight hole gripped him, held him and stroked him. She slid hard back and forth as she fucked herself deep onto his hard member. He felt her tighten as she came again, her hot canal gripping him with each contraction. She slows her stokes, shuddering, the remainder of her orgasm soflty echoing deep in her every fiber. He takes over, his hands on her outfit, the vinyl a perfect, non-slip grip. He slides his cock in slowly at first. He rides her long and hard; her moans echoing through the house, his room and reverberating deep within his loins. He thrusts in her savagely, feeling his cock swell at the rising need for release. Holding her tight against him, he comes hard, his hot stream filling her void. This pushed her over the edge as another orgasm burst from her, her cunt milking him dry with every contraction. Falling onto the bed, he pulls her near him, lying down as orgasmic waves ebb softly from both of them.

Shortly after, with breath regained, she gets up. Straightening her outfit, she looks at him sternly. “Now I have to reclean this bedroom.” Confused, he glances at her, his mind still numb from orgasm. “I’ll tidy in here when you’re done.” She turns and takes a few steps towards the doorway, knowing he’s still watching her. She stops and bends at the waist to pick up her lacey, wet panties. She pauses bent over, her still trembling pussy full in his view. He smiles as she stands glancing over her shoulder. “I’ll be in my quarters. Call me when you are finished.” She walks out of the room. His cock stirs as he thinks, he may call her sooner than later.


Written way back when… before I cared…

I’ll edit it eventually.

Imagine what I can do now. 🙂

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