RandoThoughts on Happiness and My Life.

I didn’t blog at the gym today… I was dealing with blisters and reading “Succulent Prey” by Wrath James White, so the blogging didn’t happen.  I had the mindset to get it done when I got home, but then I started chatting, about life and about happiness and how one gets to said “emotion”.  Then prospects of beer got in the way…

So here I am now, at my buddy’s place, beer in hand, typing out the forgotten blog post.  *(He’s chatting with a girl online, so I’m not being a bad houseguest). Lol!  Beer did get in the way of the blog, but now that the beer’s taken care of, here I am, getting it done.  *(I’m not happy about the prospect of having to walk home afterwards… the blisters on my heel are angry with me and my shoes.  However, the beer in my system will help a lot with the pain, I think 😉 Hehe!)

I was going to write a huge blah blah blah, about being happy, but I can’t.  That’s something that is personal for everyone, I think I’m happy.  I”m happy in certain moments, like now, listening to music, drinking beers with Luke and writing.  I was happy this morning at the gym, blisters and all, I was still happy that I was there.  I was happy hanging out with my best friend yesterday, watching movies and drinking wine.  I was even happy walking here, when I realized that I’d left my wallet at home and didn’t have said beer money I was supposed to… *(I wasn’t happy then, but a friend came through for me, so I was happy again.)  That’s a lot of happiness in the last day, from someone that doesn’t think she’s found her happy place yet.

Who can say they have?

Congratulations, I’m working towards mine:D

I’m 33 and I live like a college student, I have no responsibility except for myself. I like it that way.  I do what I want,  when I want, I answer to only me.  I can say I’m happy, well in this moment.  I know that I can be happier but when as you get closer to the other end of the scale, isn’t there a lot more room for pain?  *(I know that I’m lonely but when you stay single, they can’t break your heart in the long run…  Avoidance of pain for a little discomfort, I think it works for me.)

So yeah, I’m happy… It took a long time for me to get to this point, considering when I was younger I hated EVERYTHING, including my awesome self.  So I have changed a lot in the past, possibly for the better but maybe not.  I’m still working on what I’m supposed to be, happy works for me for now.  I’ll keep working on that. 😀

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