All in a good night’s sleep…?

…I’m in a room, just a non-descript room, white walls, boring furnishings.   I’m not sure where I am, none of it’s familiar to me.  I taste a copper tang throughout my whole mouth.  Coughing, I politely cover my mouth, then notice the blood in my hands.  I poke around with my tongue, which meets a hole that wasn’t there before.  I stick my finger in my mouth to see why, I’m missing teeth, a lot of teeth, all of them.  My gums are all just gaping, bleeding holes.  I start to shake and freak out.  I wake up…

It’s only 3:11 am.

I’m scuba diving, no tank though, with just the mask and breathing apparatus.  I’m not worried, it’s working fine, I’m watching the ship above me and trying to get to something submarine-like below.  There are others around me, two maybe three other people, in the dream I knew them, awake I don’t.  Then there’s nothing, no air, no water, nothing happened when I tried to inhale.  I just can’t breathe.  I’m suffocating and don’t know what to do.  The others underwater just look at me and keep swimming downwards, ignoring my obvious panic.  I wake up with a start, I gasp and inhale deeply…

It’s around 4:30 am

I watch him through the window, he throws the cat high in the air.  I’d just been looking at that same cat inside, the cat got out, the guy went to get it.  He grabs it by the tail and instead of holding it in his arms and coming back in, he hurls it in the air.  The cat doesn’t land on it’s feet but it’s face mashes the asphalt hard.  He threw it at least 15 feet in the air, not just a little toss.  It lays there for a little, then stands up.  It’s spine is contorted and fucked up, it twitches and shakes, it looks like it’s seizing but it’s still alive.  The guy just stands there watching the cat convulse, not dying or living for that matter.  I open the door and head down the stairs while screaming, “Why would you do that?” over and over.

I wake up, it’s 6:21am.

That’s it.  I’m NOT going back to bed.

I DO NOT dream.  I do agree with some people when they say that maybe I don’t remember them, but I haven’t been dreaming for years.  Now for me to have 3 horrible dreams in succession, and remember them?  Wtf is going on in my brain?  Ugh, now I’m exhausted as I tossed and turned all throughout the early morning and I CANNOT get that image of the near dead, yet fully animated cat from my mind. 😦  Honestly, if my dreams are going to be like anything from this morning… I’ll go back to dreamless.  Please and thanks.

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