Sunday = Lazydays. With Wine.

I was out on the balcony having a smoke when I realized that I hadn’t posted a blog today.  It being Sunday and all, my proclaimed “lazy day”, I didn’t bother.

I’m also having issues with the whole balance thing on the cardio machines…  I’ve almost fallen off more times than enough for my liking.  I’ll still try when I can but I’ve also started actually “running”, well we’ll call it quasi-jogging.  It may look more like a stagger with a quick pace, but I like to think of it as “running”.  😀  At least I know that my knee will hold out, if ever I’m attacked by zombies, serial rapists, cannibals, crazy doctors and many more. (I think I’ve been reading too many horror novels. Hehe.  Bring on the running, but pause on the morning blogging…

I don’t have a specific reason to posting today, it could be mostly wine-fueled, but that could make for more interesting thoughts.  I don’t usually have a filter, from brain to mouth, writing helps me with that… I get to revisit what I just said.  I can’t edit the shit that comes out of my mouth when I talk, ha, I wish I could sometimes.

In newness, we have a dog.  Well I don’t have a dog, that would result bad for said dog, I’m not the greatest at taking care of things…  No, my roommate / best friend got a dog.  He’s a pretty cool dog, on the “dog coolness” factor.  He’s a rescue, about four years old or so, a shepard-something mix. He doesn’t bark, sniff crotch or hump legs.  I’ve also realized that he doesn’t fetch, I’ve tried, but whateves.  His name is Trixie. (?)  I get that he’s neutered, but really?  Bonus points scored for me suggesting to calling the dog Trix, I’m sure he feels better about that.   (Most of the time though I just call him Dog.)

Writing was paused today, Sunday and all, I also did the gym and then got lazy.  We’re all allowed days like that and  Sunday is one of those days for me.  It could be cause I do dumb shit on Saturdays and wipe myself out, as I have been known to party and occasionally imbibe… Okay, frequently imbibe, I’m not keeping track.  😉  Sundays are just good “do-nothing” days, so today, I did nothing.

I caught up on some reading, I’m reading Blood Red by James A. Moore and Starve Better by Nick Mamatas.   Blood Red is paperback, I read that inside and Starve Better is on my Iphone, that ones for balcony smoking time.  This afternoon, I finished reading Jasmine & Garlic, the short story by Monica O’Rourke.  I’ve been on a “sick-kick” lately, so that was right up my alley 😀  *(It’s also free at the moment for download as an ebook, check the link out!)

OMG, I can smell the awesomeness that is my roommate’s cooking… So with that, I’m out.

I’m off to find me another glass of wine, some of whatever is that smell is emanating from the kitchen and some more wicked reading.

That, my friends, is a good evening.

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