The Shoe.

I always wonder how things get to where they are when I see them.  Maybe it’s just me having a crazy imagination, but I tend to go off on tangents sometimes.

I was walking down Sussex in Ottawa and as I passed in front of the Embassy of Kuwait, there was a shoe.  Now I’ve seen shoes in weird spots before, mostly hanging from telephone poles or tossed off to the side of the road, this one just seemed out of place.  The Embassy itself is daunting, it’s got a huge fence around it, buzzers to get in and out and lots of visible security cameras.  Oddly enough, there’s never anyone there, not that I’ve seen and I walk by that place a lot.

The shoe wasn’t really old or ratty, it didn’t look like it needed to be discarded, but there is was.   Why is there only one shoe? I wondered…

First thought that runs through my head:  Maybe they stopped to tie a shoelace and were frightened off by something. I wouldn’t run off with only one shoe, so that doesn’t really seem plausible…

Second thought:  The owner of said shoe was yanked into the Embassy by security, causing the shoe to fall off in the altercation.  No, cause they would’ve grabbed the other shoe to hide the evidence…

Third thought: MAYBE, they were vaporized by some laser beam, security for the Embassy maybe?  No, I think to myself, that wouldn’t explain why one shoe is gone, yet this one is here… *(Really?  That one made me laugh outloud when I thought of it.) 😀

I do believe I suffer from an extremely overactive imagination, which seems to be working just fine, I’m okay with it though.  Makes my walks home WAY more interesting.  😉

One comment


    so the theory is a very large person may have been walking by and stepped in gum or dog poo but for reason of their emense size in order to look under their shoe they need shimmy it off their foot step aside and look at it thus the theory of one shoe once it is off nay shall it ever be put back on

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