Updating you on nothing.

The title pretty much says it all, I have nothing new going on.  I’ve been going to the gym (everyday), doing the writing (everyday), keeping myself busy (with the gym and writing) and just living my gypsy-like life.

What’s upcoming?  Well I’m heading to Toronto with a friend this weekend.  There’s an art thing going on, Nuit Blanche… I’ve never been and I also think that it’s a great time to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  *(It’s just a weekend in Toronto too, so ha! Amazing.)  That’s the weekend, I”m sure I’ll have stories when I get back, I always do.

I have some stuff in the works that is good for me, like SexFairy is coming back. 😀 That means, for those that don’t know, I’ll be selling sex toys again 😀 YAY Orgasms!!!  *(List that under Things I’m good at… #1 Talking about sex. Hehe!)

What else… Well, I’ve been thinking of the whole upcoming move,  I have to move somewhere, I figure it’ll be Ottawa still, somewhere cool or near friends.  The roommate’s getting her own place with her boyfriend, so I figure it’s about high time I get my own place.  I need a Mandylair.  Okay, it’s not til December 1st but I realized today that, “Holy Crap, I own pretty much nothing household-like.”  At least it’s easier to move, but I have to start thinking of my lack of kitchen stuff as well as other home furnishings.

That’s about it I think.  I’m sure once I get back from Toronto I’ll have stories, it’s not often I have no stories.

I’ve been quiet this week… I’m saving myself up to torment the people of Toronto.  Hehehe!

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