Toronto Survived Me aka I Survived Toronto

Ah train travel, I don’t mind it.  I’d rather fly as it’s faster, but at least on the train I get free WiFi.  I’m on the train from Toronto, heading home to Ottawa.  We just pulled out of Oshawa, so I still have another 4 some hours to go.  I’m tired, but not as tired as my travel partner, C, who’s sleeping beside me.  I got a little more sleep than she did, but not that much.  We went to TO for weekend because C was a performer in one of the exhibits for Nuit Blanche. (It’s a sunset to sunrise, huge walk around art exhibition.)

Friday night, we get into town around 5pm.   We cab to and check into the very cool boutique hotel, The Gladstone.  Every room is designed by different artists.  There’s 37 rooms I think, we were in The New Nouveau Room.  The room was artsy and “cozy”.   I was happy, it had a bed and a toilet, that’s really all I need in a hotel.  (A mini-fridge would’ve been nice, but I just did the ice in sink deal.)  We ended up at The 3 Brewers or Les 3 Brasseurs for dinner and for C to meet up with her friends.  *(I’m excited as we’re getting one in Ottawa, on Sparks St.  I think anything beer related makes me happy).  I took off alone after dinner, perused the downtown core a little, then met up with a friend for drinks in the hotel, and then drinks at a bar and then more drinks at that same bar…

Long story short, it was good but RandoMandy times.  I lost my last my e-cigarette. (There goes 75$.)  I peed in a field on an adventure.  (Those who know me know that I’m not one for open-air urination, but I had very little choice.  It was that or pee my pants and pee all over the seat in the car, hence opting for the field.)  I tore up some bedsheets, although I have no idea how that happened.  Honestly, I don’t know…  All I know is that I woke up fondling the mattress fabric, with two giant tears in the bottom fitted sheet.  It looked like I’d survived a Freddy Kruger attack or something… Hmmm,  I blame it on weak sheet fibers.

I’m sure throughout the night other cool and fun things happened, but that’s all my tired brain is allowing me to remember at the moment.

Saturday morning,  I’m not hungover, well maybe a little.  More of the hot flashy, minor brain pain and no appetite kind of hangover.  I did drink two gigantic glasses of milk though. (That’s my “morning after” rehydration liquid of choice.)  I take a subway (By myself and eithout getting lost!) and I meet up with C at the Eaton’s Centre and we do a little shopping.  I wanted to buy a shirt, she needed a belt.  She found her belt and a pair of gloves I believe.  I ended up with a belt, no shirt and a greater hatred for clothing shopping.  (I hope cloning is allowed soon, I need to clone myself but add a shopping fetish, Mandy2 can just purchase everything in twos. 😀 Score!)

C had never seen the CN Tower, so we opted to do that after our little shopping trip.  My buddy informed me a much better way to see the CN Tower, rather than paying the 30-40$ admission per person.  There’s a restaurant up at the top and it revolves.  (It’s actually really cool)  It’s also kind of pricey, but it was worth it.  2 hours and 165$ later, we are fed, a little buzzed from our bottle of wine and we still get to check out the CN Tower. 🙂  We wanted to do the EdgeWalk, it’s 175$ and looks freaking insane, but they were all booked up.  Boo, maybe next time.

Nuit Blanche was, well, a Nuit Blank for me. (Not entirely, but I was “quite” intoxicated).  C was demoing in one of the exhibits, so I hooked up with a few friends to do what I do best, drink vodka and be loud.  We walked around for most of the night, it was crazy, people and things going on EVERYWHERE.  I will definitely be back next year.

Sunday morning… First thing C says to me, “Can you not be hyper today?” Ha!  (I’ll try but it’s not easy for me…)  She’s SUPER burnt. I managed to get like 6 hours of sleep on Saturday, way more than I did on Friday night.  Then she ended up getting sleeps Friday night (about 6 hours as well) but was up all night Saturday.  So checkout’s at 12pm, our train is at 330pm, that freaking sucks, we just want to be home.   We ended up hanging out at Jack Astor’s for almost two hours, getting some food in our abused systems was a good idea.   (Thank God for the brown paper tablecloths and crayons at Jack Astor’s, doodling kept us busy and awake for a long time.)

“The Mona Lisa”

(This is my brain suffering the repercussions of booze.  I apologize for the horse tail, I was thinking dragon, drawing something entirely not that…)

Trudging back to the train station, we grab our stored bags and stand in line.  (Well lay in line, the floor was way more comfortable than attempting to stand.)  Exhausted, we pile onto the train, which was thankfully on time.

…and here I am, on a train, 3 hours outside of Ottawa, after an amazing weekend and a whole bunch of new stories to tell.

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