RandoMandyThoughts (When on cold medication)

Ugh,  I woke up hungover and feeling a little cold/flu sick.  One’s my fault and one isn’t.  Brain pain and sinus issues and a sore throat do not go well together.   My way of dealing with that… Three extra strength Advil gel caps, two daytime cold and sinus pills (I reread the “daytime” part three times, just to make sure), swallow those with a three cups of extra strong coffee… and go to the gym.

Can you workout a cold? This ARC machine motion isn’t helping my headache much but the three other Advil I took in the change room should kick in soon.  At least the fever helps a little, my core temperature was up before I even started working out.


Fifteen minutes later, I am starting to feel better. Either working out works or all the pills I took finally kicked in. If I start feeling loopy I’ll be sure to get off the treadmiill. I have enough problems staying on these machines as it is, add my blogging during said exercise and then a handful of pills and a hangover = recipe for disaster

On that note, of disasters, why do I always wake up with bruises after nights out? I had this discussion with my friend this morning, he texted me asking if I knew where his bruises came from… I had no idea, I failed in the “remember friend” department for last night.  When I got ready for the gym this morning, I noticed a multitude of new bruises on my left leg, the right was fine.   Now my theory on the bruises themselves is that if I’m already clumsy and bump ino things normally, wouldn’t that get worse if I was intoxicated?  Also I’d remember bumping into said things less less… It doesn’t explain why my leg left is all bashed up but not the right… My buddy theorizes that I punched him when he was asleep. Yah ha, I’m a sleep fighter 🙂

I bought some new clothes, which proved to me how non-girl I am.   I suck in the shopping dept.  Number one issue, I hate trying on clothing, so I usually only buy stuff when I HAVE to. Anyways, I needed shirts as my tank top collection fails miserably in the cold Ontario winters, so I’ve been looking around.  Last week, I found a few shirts that were alright, and a pair of jeans.  Perfect, I’ll take them.  I wear said outfit, get complements like how it functions with me, blah blah, whatever you say when people’s clothing looks nice on them.   So I decide to go back to the store yesterday and buy another pair of jeans, same jeans but different colour and another two shirts, same style as the one I already owned but again in a different colour.  I also see another shirt that was kind cool and on sale so I grab that… Today on the way to the gym I picked up another shirt same style as the last, in a different color.

That’s all I have, I’m off to take more cold meds now. 😀

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