Nomadicness aka The Art Of Moving

I just spent a week on the road again, Toronto for the weekend, then Kingston for a few days.  Now I’m back in Ottawa and already I want to leave again.

I really like Kingston, so much so that I’m debating on relocating there. I have to move out of this apt on Dec 1st, the roommates getting a place with her boyfriend. Makes sense… I though of sharing a place again but I think it’s time for my own apt.

Checking out housing costs between the two cities (Ottawa and Kingston), there’s a huge difference. Kingston being smaller is a lot more affordable. Ottawa is just well Ottawa it’s been my home since 1999 with a 2 year Thunder Bay stint in there. Sure my friends are here but I can make friends anywhere. I’m quite friendly 😉 for those that know me.

My requirements are a 1 or 2 bdrm apt within the 1000$ range, washer n dryer on site, a decent size (no wierd low ceilings that I’m gonna bash my noggin on anywhere) and in the vicinity of a gym. (especially with winter coming, I’m not running on ice and snow).

I have a month and a half to find something. I’m heading back to Kingston to look at places this month sometime. The more I check online the more Kingston seems like the more viable option if I want to live alone, which I do.

I guess it’s that nomadic part of me that makes me feel like I should move. I’ve always moved a lot, I think between the ages of 16 & 19 I had around 30 different addresses. (I’ll have to ask my dad, he’s the one that moved me most times). Then I ended up in Ottawa for the last 14 years, less my Tbay stint. I guess I’m kind of tired of living here. Kingstons cool cause it’s only a two hour trip between here and there, so it makes the idea of leaving my friends easier to deal with.

I think what’s freaking me out is the doing things on my own, like going to look at apts. I’ve always had someone else to do that with. (However, this also means that I get full say in which aparment I choose… I like that part.)

I’m still toeing the line on this one, it’s easier to stay in Ottawa, but I thrive on new adventures and Kingston would be just that.

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