Not like the others.

I haven’t blogged my thoughts lately.  I’m blogged stuff about Idle Hands but that’s not personal.  I just moved in with a friend for a temporary homestead til I can find my own apartment.  I’ve been revamping parts of my life to try to be more productive or more exciting…   Sometimes I think I lead a boring life, which is odd because I’m told by a lot of people that they live vicariously through me.  (I must be online WAY too much.)  Ultimately, I just do what I want I suppose…  (Which a lot of times is to do nothing.)  It’s easy with my life cause I have no responsibilities.  No kids, no pets and very little bills can lead you to lead a very stress-less life.


I have no kids to live out my legacy… if there is one of those to live out.  Not yet I don’t think anyways…

I don’t have a job that will lead me to a cushy retirement with a pension…

The life I live isn’t stable, nor does it have set plans for the future…


I do however, have lots of friends that are and will be there for me, hopefully til I die.

I make friends easily, I’m continuously adding to the roster of people in my circles.

I have a job that pays the little bills I have.

I travel a lot.  No responsibilities means I can just pack up and go.

Most importantly… I’m happy.

I wasn’t happy with the corporate job, the pension and the health benefits.  I had no time to myself, I was a slave to whatever position I was in and it wasn’t a sexual one…  Leaving behind the struggles of life that we’re “supposed” to have was what made me happy.

That’s all I needed was to chase my dreams and not let anyone tell me otherwise.

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  1. Dickie

    “I do however, have lots of friends that are and will be there for me, hopefully til I die.”

    This is true. Don’t ever forget it.

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