Monday Morning Mandy.

… is way better than Sunday Morning Mandy was.

Apparently, Saturday night turned into a tequila-filled, forgotten mess. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but I feel super guilty for not having written anything yesterday. I would have been lucky if I could spell my name I think, I haven’t been hungover like that in a long time. All in all, I’m not happy about having done that, it’s not cause I spent the whole day yesterday between my bed and the bathroom, but more because I failed at writing anything.  I didn’t work on the zombie novel, or the biography. I was averaging at least 1000 words a day, and yesterday killed that. I’m more mad at myself, as that was all I could tell my roommates yesterday, while I lie on the couch buried in blankets and sweaters, barely moving cause when I did, I thought I was going to throw up… Not how I wanted to spend an entire day.

Now I’m back to the regular grind and aiming for 4000 words today, 2000 on each. *(I also dislike missing a day, because now I have to reread the stories, which I suppose is a good thing, might as well check continuity as well…)

So that is why I say I’m never drinking tequila again… Bleuch.

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