Achieving writing goals and early morning thoughts.

So yesterday was kinda monumental for me. I’ve always set writing goals, but normally like 1000 words a day. I figured that I can finish an 80 000 word novel in three months that way, sounds good right? Sure does! Yesterday however, I had some extra ground to cover as I ended up taking the day off from writing on Sunday. *(I entirely blame tequila, yup, it was definitely the tequila’s fault, not mine…) Anyways, I needed to make up some ground, so I sat down and started writing. I ended up putting down 5500 words, at least, yesterday between the two novels.

This lead me to think, if I can write like that normally, why wouldn’t I just do that all the time? Now bear in mind, I have two books on the go: The Zombie Novel (ZN) and the Biography (BIO). The BIO having already happened to someone is easy, as I’m just retelling their story, however the fiction novel is way more difficult and requires more thinking and planning.

I was thinking of working on both at the same time, but after having put down at least 4000 words on the BIO, I think that maybe I should just keep pecking away at that, as I get in the flow.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it… I usually just sit down in front of the computer, open both and just look at them. Whereever my brain goes, that’s where I let it. I may be the one typing, but my brain controls what I do type, so I’ll let it take the lead.

~M~ &~ M’s Brain~

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