Mandy Meets Maryland.

I’m home from another amazing weekend in the States and I have to say that every time I go down to visit, it gets better and better. We congregated in Maryland at a hotel to drink, eat and laugh. (To the point that I’m still in pain from laughing so hard.)

***There was even a puppet show!***

One of my highlights during the weekend was when we had a “reading night” and I was able to read a couple of my flash stories. 🙂  Having done speech competitions in school and whatnot, I was used to being in front of a crowd. *(I can still hear my voice wavering in the video someone filmed though, so there were some nervousness issues.) I think the nerves were due to the fact that I was reading my writing in front of published authors. Nevertheless, I personally feel like I rocked it and that’s all that matters. (Also, I can’t wait to do it again…)

My writing goals suffered a little and my liver suffered a lot, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. (I’ll catch up on the writing this week, cause I’m a freaking powerhouse of words.) I also revamped my books, since I read them out to Dickie in the car and realized a few things that needed changing, like the first 20 000 words of the zombie novel and combining of the first two parts in the biography. Wah wah!

I did get some great writing tips from the fantastical Kelli, mostly how to keep my brain in check while I write. I’m very easily distracted so anything that keeps me on the story is a good thing.

Speaking of which, this is keeping me from my stories… On that note, I’m out. 😀

*(To those that were there this weekend, it was VERY difficult to write this and not add a few em-dashes and a whole lot of commas.) 😉

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