Mandy Moves (Again)… 2012 Edition.

Call me a gypsy, a nomad or just someone that moves a lot, I really don’t like to sit still. Between travelling and moving, I don’t think I’ve stopped anywhere for the last 3-4 years. (Actually, if you ask anyone but me, I’ve been moving since the day I moved out at 16. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that in 18 years, I’ve had more than 75 different addresses.)

Today marks one more move, on my giant list of “Places I’ve lived.” Today’s special to me, cause I’m actually moving into my own place, not sharing with a roommate/boyfriend, as I’ve done for so many times in the past. I’ve been counting down the days and now it’s finally arrived. 😀 I get the truck at 10am, it’s 7am now and I’m still not done packing all my stuff. *(I’m a last minute kinda girl, if you haven’t noticed that yet.) I’m not too worried though, it only took me 2 hours and 2 helpers to get my stuff moved the last time, so I assume and expect the same today.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be homesteading in the same place for at least a year this time, well that’s what my lease deems necessary. Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t be travelling, that’s just crazy to think that. It just means that I won’t have to change my address for at least a year. *(Wow the tax people might actually be able to find me this year… 😉 Hehehe!) On the travelling note, as I move in today and spend tomorrow unpacking, those are about 2 of the 7-8 days that I’m home this month. Grrr glad I have my own place that I won’t be able to use…

With the new apartment, I expect some change in my life. Better eating habits, more working out, less drinking and way more writing. As it is now, I write about 1000-2000 words a day. I’m aiming for at least 2000 words plus a day, once I’m moved and settled. It’s doable, this is me we’re talking about. 😉

Since I just moved into a new place, aren’t I allowed to have a “housewarming” party? Yes, I think I am. People should bring me stuff, maybe I should start a gift registry…

If you don’t get me something now it’s okay… You still have the chance to gift me something awesome in the spring, when I get my tubes tied and have my “UnBaby Shower”. *(I figure if people get presents for pushing out a kid, I should get presents for opting not to.)

That’s all I have to rant about today… I should finish packing. 😉


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