Valentines Day Writings.

It’s February 14th 2012. I’m single, so I didn’t wake up to chocolates, flowers or presents. Honestly, I think I woke up drooling on myself… Whatever it happens, good thing I was alone I suppose. 😀

I really don’t care about Vday. It’s just another day, if I was with someone they shouldn’t wait for once a year to tell me that they love me anyway. Shouldn’t that happen everyday?

Now February 14th is the day that I was adopted, my parents were really cool, in giving my brother and I two birthdays. The day we were born and the day we were adopted, which they called our Anniversary. So yeah, kids would make fun of us, like the little dick kids are… “Haha you’re adopted…” My brother and I would just smile and reply, “Haha, we have two birthdays so we get more presents than you do.” Stupid kids. Don’t call what you don’t know. 😉

With my parents so far away, I won’t get to see them today. I am celebrating my anniversary/Vday over dinner with friends, nothing major just food, drinks and good company.

As for my writing, I seem to fall off the wagon whenever I’m out of town. Eesh, February is going to be a horrble writing month. I may have to extend my goal to four months, just write off February in it’s entirety.

I have reworked the zombie novel, by including a lot more backstory. This is setting me up for the upcoming events and just making the story flow better. I’m really happy the way it’s turning out so far.

The biography needs to be reworked, I will be doing that while on the road next. I can edit while away, but writing is difficult. Too many distractions for me to concentrate. I need writing blinders or something, maybe a cone of seclusion. Maybe I just need to learn to focus on things, that would be way easier I suppose 😉

Well I’m now off to the gym, or “fitness room” as they call it here in my building. That was something else that I’ve consistently been talking about but never doing. I guess it’s hard to work out when I’m not home though, or am I just making up excuses now…?


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