I’m not sure what to call this, or if I should even call it anything.

This could just be drunk ramblings that I’ll regret in the morning, but for now, I feel that this needs to be said.

Why am I alone tonight? Mostly cause I am in a different town, where I don’t know anyone and I am not good at just walking up to the rando guy and breaking conversation.

I can do that sometimes, when I have support of friends… or something. Today I’m out of my element… I just don’t feel it here.


The bartender gave me a drink, he also told me that he was taking care of me.

What the hell? He’s cute, I’ll give him that, but do I need a chaperone?

I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just hammered. I drank a bottle of white wine and tossed a bottle of white wine.

One was total ass…. BLEUCH.

At least I’m not an alcoholic. If I was I don’t think I’d have dumped that down the drain. I say as I drink from my hot chocolate and baileys… free from Chaperone-cutey bartender…

Montreal just won, I’m actually okay to be alone cause I have shit to write and I have a hot chocolate full of Baileys, free from a bartender who knows my room number…

Here’s to hoping…


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