Nearly Published… The High of Acceptance

Yesterday afternoon, I got a text message from Wes, a friend and fellow author, asking me what my longest completed story was. I replied “Around 5000.” followed with “5311 to be exact” after having gone off to check. He responds by telling me about a call for submissions that I should send the story into, so I did.

I didn’t even look at the story… “She makes me smile” was in the Finished Writing Folder, where it belongs. (Trust me, for people that know me, SMMS has been worked, reworked and overworked, and then re-written in it’s entirety.) It’s done, trust me, it’s more than done.

I tracked down and followed the necessary guidelines for formatting something for submission, added a little “bear with me it’s my first submission” kinda note and hit send.

An hour or two later, my writing email notifies me of one new message.  It’s from someone at the press, informing me they liked my story and it was being forwarded to the editor, for final approval. “Fingers crossed” says the unknown pre-reader at the end of his email… Buddy, you have no idea. *(For some reason when I was telling this story to my friends last night, “Buddy” became “Timmy” or “Tommy”, I’m not sure why…)

Just after dinner, “Buddy/Timmy/Tommy” gets back to me with a short, but to the point email. The editor liked your story, you’re accepted to the Anthology and here’s your contract.

I wasn’t sure if I was reading what I was reading. Check the subject a few times, just to make sure that they do mean “She Makes Me Smile”. Maybe they sent it to the wrong person? I mean, I like my writing, but it’s mine. Of course I’m going to be a little biased to whether it’s really good or not. Nope, they mean me… Hmmm, I text my best friend, Dickie.

“She makes me smile just got accepted. 😀 ha! I have to send back a contract lol” (I don’t think it sunk it yet…)

“OMG AMAZING!!!” Replies Dickie… I start to smile a little as I realize, wait a minute… This means I’m going to be in a book…

…then it sunk it, and then came the high.

Now I’ve experimented with drugs… (Mom and Dad, I didn’t inhale, don’t worry…) but the high that I felt yesterday was way better than anything you can pay for. It’s only a day later and I already want more. I suppose it’s a good thing to be addicted to, compared to what’s out there. Honestly, I thought that my first submission would be a rejection letter, but it wasn’t. (I’m not looking forward to whenever that one comes in… but I’ll get over it. Hopefully, I’ll have a bunch of acceptances, so the one rejection won’t matter. Yay, I’m already creating more delusions of grandeur, good thing I’m a writer. It just adds to my brain fodder.)

I’ve been writing for a long time, since I was like 7 or something insane like that, but I’ve never known if I was any good. After yesterday, I feel a little but better about all the time I spend smashing out words and creating my own imaginary worlds. Now I’m not saying that one story will make me famous, but it’s a good kick in the ass for me, a small reminder that I might be a great writer one day, I just have to keep practicing.

All I have left now is to send in that contract… and wait 😀


Undead Press’s Anthology

Cavalcade of Terror

“She Makes Me Smile” by Mandy JDG


One comment

  1. Gorebeast

    Congratulations!!! Yes, it is a great high. I can totally relate since my first submission ever was submitted and accepted about two months back. Of course, I’ve yet to send off any other submissions since. But, like you said, it was a nice confidence booster (and kick in the ass). Since then my writing output has drastically increased. I am determined to keep submitting. It truly is an addictive high.

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