Yesterday I signed the contract and sent it back to the publisher. An hour or so later, I got an email back from them, asking me to reformat my story. I was kinda stoked about this, since this was the first time that my writing actually meant something to someone else. 😀 Usually when I write a story and finish it, it sits on my computer desktop for a few days, then I revisit it, edit it and throw it into the “Finished Writing” Folder. Sometimes I send it off to friends to read, but usually it just sits there, no one asks me to change something, edit this or that, or simply change the formatting of the story. Until yesterday…

On the way home to fix the story, I realized that I now felt like a real writer. (I was heading home to do it as soon as possible, or before I drank too much and messed it up trying to edit it while intoxicated.) After having reformatted She Makes Me Smile to the publishers requirements, I sent it out and opened a beer.

I woke up this morning to that same beer, still sitting beside my computer. It was warm and half-full, which NEVER happens in my house, unless I’m waking up with a hangover. While dumping the beer down the drain, I smiled. Now I wasn’t smiling cause I was wasting beer (good beer for that matter, I splurged yesterday), I was smiling cause I knew that my desktop was cleared. I got caught up in the writing last night after editing SMMS and finished editing all the other short stories that were on the desktop. (There wasn’t all that much, but they had been sitting there for some time.) They all now have a happy home in the Finished Writing Folder. Where they’ll wait until I find something suitable to submit more flash to.

After dumping the beer, I put on coffee and sat down to do my usual chatty-talk with people on the world wide web. Normally, I spend most of my mornings telling people how I should get off chat and go do something productive, like write or go to the gym. I didn’t talk about going to do stuff this morning, I just did it.

By 10am, I’d written 1300 words on the zombie novel (and am SUPER HAPPY with where it’s heading…) and was on my way to the gym. (As of now, having completed an hour work out. HOORAY!)

Now for those that know me, I’ve been talking about getting my ass in gear for the last year now. I’m not sure what changed recently… Nothing except for the acceptance into the Anthology really… If that’s all it took to give me more drive, I wish I submitted stuff a long time ago.

Hopefully I can keep up with this…

(On that note, I have three other things floating around in possible-publish land… I’ll keep you all posted!)


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