Focus and Drive. Guess you can’t have everything…

The first part was written on Friday, yesterday I added the second part. Sometimes blog posts get lost or forgotten on my phone forever, this one was saved. 😀 Enjoy!!!


Well, I haven’t written from the treadmill in awhile. I suppose it’s probably related to the fact that I’ve stopped going to the gym for a little. I’m back at it again, but this time with more drive. I’ve always talked about wanting the bikini body but I’ve really never gone after it, I seem to like to talk about things, but the get lost on the delivery/execution. As for the “bikini body”, I’m not looking for a sixpack or über muscles but I would like to get away from any part of me other than my boobs jiggling. (I am sadly aware that my boobs will probably be the first things to go, I have partially prepared myself for that, I’m really not happy about having just spent well over 200$ on bras that won’t fit me anymore.)

I’ve been watching my drinking, I know that it’s the main reason for my calorie intake issues. I can’t treadmill enough to burn off what I drink. So what do I do? I cut down drinking… It’s been two days so far…

My fridge is loaded with healthy food,  I’m working on the working out everyday, I stopped taking the elevator and now take the stairs, well unless I’m carrying something other than my purse. There are 108 steps to get down from my place on the seventh floor, unless I take three steps per landing (rather than two in the previous count), then there are 132. 😀

As for writing, I’ve realized that when I am focused, I can write 1000 words an hour, yesterday I cleared 2300 🙂 I think that’s a record for me. Problem = no focus. I honestly wish I could concentrate, I might be dangerous lol

I’ll work on the focus. For now, I think I’m doing alright.



Day two of the treadmill posting, it’s tougher today though cause the stupid treadmill keeps asking for my heart rate. Both hands are needed for that, bleh.

Plus me being the attention-deficit, distractible moron that I am, went and misplaced or forgot my headphones somewhere (whatever, they are gone…) so it’s a quiet day at the gym today 😦

I went out for a friends birthday last night so I kinda figured I wouldnt make it to the gym this morning but here I am. Somewhere along the way, I picked up some drive.

I think the drive starts when I step on the scale in the morning. Yes, I know that weight is not an indication of blah blah. But it drives me to fer to the gym. Plus, I take the stupid stairs all the time now and I really REALLY want it to be easier on the way up… Usually by the sixth floor (12th set of stairs), I want to die. I’ve also realized, after taking all the set of stairs in my building a few times, I can go down the stairs faster if I’m turning to the right. Not sure what that means. I’m also not entirely sure if the stairs are really a better option than the elevator as I run a higher risk of falling or tripping. I haven’t yet so I’ll keep at it.  Screw you steps, I will conquer you.

Oooh good news! Last night, Dickie (best friend) and I were driving to a Bday party for a mutual friend when my phone informed me of new email.

I was mid-read when I realized what the email (x2) was. (the last couple days I’ve been checking me emails furiously… I forget about it and voila!) my two flash stories were accepted into 365 days of frightening flash.  I screamed, which nearly caused Dickie to drive off the road, I was super excited. Way to excited to be confined in a car, I think.

Needless to say finding out that I am going to be published again may have been one of the reasons for me ordering a bottle of wine, after having two beer and then ignoring my “I do not do shots” rule, like a bunch of times. All that lead to my obvious intoxication, but at least I made it to the gym…

Thanks Drive, stick around, I’m way more productive with you here.

(AND, I didn’t almost fall of the treadmill while blogging any of this… Perhaps the Yoga is helping my equilibrium issues 😉 YAY!)


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