MandyMornings: Creative Hotwiring, Midgets and Unicorns.

I feel like I waste a lot of time in the mornings… I should just wake up and write, but for some reason I can’t do that. I need a creative hotwiring. I feel like I need that time to get the brain thoughts flowing. Normally after 2 hours of chatting, one blog post and numerous cups of coffee, I’m usually good to put down about 1000 words on the novel (or short story, or whatever I’m working on at the moment). I wish I could just get up and write. The three hours from when I wake up til now, would be so better utilized if I was putting the time into the story, but I can’t. Even though the story is done in my head, it’s doesn’t go onto paper as fluidly as it plays out in my imagination movie theatre. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be awesome (when I get it finished…) 😀

I’ve told and retold my story to friends that will listen. They like it, or they are just being nice and trying not to aggravate the crazy girl… Ha!

I’m 1600 words away from 40000. Based on what everyone told me, a novel is between 80-90K. I’m almost half done and that gives me an inner fuzzy, warm feeling.

I am a little worried that nothing has really happened in the novel, considering I’m at 40K. Let’s say I’ve got well developed characters, maybe? Not sure, but whatever I have it works. Maybe shit’s just gonna hit the fan all of a sudden… 😉 The last half of the novel is all sex, blood, midgets and unicorns. (Scrap the unicorn idea, that’s a little farfetched…)

I’m struggling to write this post, I guess that means I have nothing more to say… So that’s it.

I’m off to crest the halfway mark. Hopefully today, if not today, definitely tomorrow.


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