Mandywords on Medication.

I have a hard time being proactive with my blog. I seem to forget about it for a time, even though I always have lot to say. I suppose its just to get into the habit. I was writing first thing in the morning but when I moved into my own place I kinda fell off that schedule. I was writing in the morning because it was before the roommates woke up. I’m very easily distracted and normally as soon as someone else wakes up, I can’t focus on my writing. Now that I’m on my own I can write whenever… But I still struggle…


I suppose I may be afflicted with a little ADHD., maybe not. I asked my doctor about it, she suggested medication. I concurred and started taking them.

In the last three days, I haven’t made a lot of progress on the novel, but I’ve been working on other things, like planning. I seem to be able to sit and plan things out better, which I hope will in turn allow me to write the novel in a more fluid manner.

I’ve also started finishing up a lot of the intended stories I have floating around. Most of them seem to be erotiporn but there are enough of them to make up a book. 🙂 so we will see where that takes us. Once I can sit down and finish them.

No new rejections or acceptances yet and there are still two stories floating around in limbo land. Fingers crossed.

I have no end to this post so I’ll just end it on that note.


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