BiographyWriting Self-Lesson #1

So the last few days have involved me setting up pages and blogs and anything else you’re supposed to do when you are an author. *(I’m not really 100% sure on that but I’m going with what I think you’re supposed to do…) One of the things that came up was writing a bio. I’ve had to do little ones that will appear at the end of my book, but never a longer one. That’s what I’ve worked on for the last couple days. *(It’s listed here on the About MDG page, but I figured I’d include it as a blog post. I told you I’d be working on being more proactive with the blogging.)

I’m also working on categories so that my blog posts aren’t all over the place, but I’m not 100% sure what to do there, so we’ll see what happens. 😀

BIOGRAPHY #1: (Amazon and Website)
(I say number one cause I’m sure there will be many more edits and renditions of this within the next couple years, it’ll be fun to go back through all of them.)

“My name Mandy J. De Geit. (I dropped the “J” and smashed De Geit together after my first story was published when I realized the more words there was in my name, the longer my autograph would be…)

Anyways, I’m 34 years old, single and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’ve lived here since 1999 I think, it’s been awhile anyways. Home for me was originally Timmins, Ontario, it’s a tiny town up four hours north of… YES THE ONE SHANIA TWAIN IS FROM and no… I don’t know her. *(I’m hoping to be the next big thing from Timmins, put it on the map for something else other than her…)

My family is still up there, but I chose to make Ottawa my home, for the last… 13 years up ’til now. I’m kinda gypsy-like, or nomadic and I don’t like staying put, but I haven’t strayed to far from here yet so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I may have started in grade 3 or 4 or something like that. I started with poetry and descriptive paragraphs, most just trying to explain the images I saw in my head. I read a lot as a kid, Mom and Dad didn’t think a kid should be reading Stephen King in elementary school, but it’s a book. What can you do?

I wrote a lot more when I hit high school and the joys of being a teenager… What I wrote during those times was more of a therapeutic thing than anything. I think that era would be my writing “Dark Ages”, but it may have also saved my life.

Through my twenties for some reason, my writing just stopped. Maybe I felt that I didn’t need the therapy writing offered, as my life had taken a better turn, maybe I did suffer the writer’s block I told people about, maybe I was just too busy, I’m not sure why I stopped, but I did.

One day, the need to write just came back, so I wrote.

Which takes me to now, where I have now published my first story “She Makes Me Smile” (2012) and have a novel on the go. (Currently the novel is about half done. It’s the first one, so I’m sure I’ll have to redo and rewrite, but it’s getting there.) At the moment, I call myself an author of creepy fiction as I’m not sure how else to explain what I write. I am not all about the gore (well not yet anyways…) I try to write about things that just might happen. I write more about the darkness that resides inside people around us, the secrets our friends might carry or the things that people close to us think about and are capable of. There’s really no category for that yet so creepy fiction works for me for now.

With that being said, I like being creepy.”


Oh yeah for those out there in Mandyland that know me and think that something should be added… DO IT!!! Send me your add-ons to Mandy’s biography. I’ll see if I can work them in.

Thanks for reading.

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